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Introducing Maeva


Doula NYC

Introducing Maeva

Birth Educator

Doula Maeva

Introducing Maeva

Mum to Riley

Birth Doula NYC

Introducing Maeva

Birth Educator

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All my classes are based on Hypnosis & Mindfulness

About Me

I became a hypnotist in 2009 and soon after started looking for ways to harness the benefits of hypnosis to prepare for childbirth.

I trained to become a HypnoBirthing practitioner in 2012 with Marie Mongan the founder of HypnoBirthing and began supporting births. After a few years of teaching I realized there was a piece of the puzzle missing for me, I felt that a lot about how a birth would unfold had to do with how the baby positioned. That is when I found Spinning Babies.

I began incorporating some of these techniques in my classes and during the births I attended and it changed my doula practice. I decided to become a certified Spinning Babies Parent educator in 2018.

I have been meditating pretty much daily for the past 17 years and during Covid I started to clarify my childbirth education curriculm and filmed a series of classes covering childbirth education and preparation, fear release for labor and birth and a postpartum recovery classs with my midwife friend Deborah Vignau.

My Online courses will teach you the Hypnosis and Mindfulness techniques I used myself when I was preparing for Riley's birth and for my PostPartum recovery.

My goal is to meet you where you are on your journey without judgment and to help you prepare for one of the days you will remember for the rest of your life.

Sneak peek inside my classes

Learn more about what is covered in the Confident Birth Class.

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Watch Maeva's interviews with her clients.

Hear Birth Stories directly from the people who prepared with Maeva and meet some experts in the field of Pregnancy and Post-Partum

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