Meet Maéva

Hypnobirthing Doula NYC

My path as a mindfulness birthing educator and doula began when I trained to become a hypnotist in 2009.

I was deeply drawn to helping women navigate the pain and fear associated with childbirth, and began looking for ways to harness the benefits of hypnosis.This led me to become a HypnoBirthing practitioner in 2012. Following my training with founder Marie Mongan, I began teaching classes and supporting births as a doula.

After my best friend’s extended and painful birth in 2013, I felt a strong desire to deepen my skills to better support women in pain management, especially during long labor. I undertook training with Penny Simkin, a top educator in natural birth and founder of DONA.

A few years later, I realized there was still a piece of the puzzle missing for me that had to do with the baby’s positioning during labor. This is what drew me to learn transformative Spinning Babies techniques, which I began incorporating into my classes and during the births I attended. I became a certified Spinning Babies educator in 2018, training with founder Gail Tully.

During Covid, I decided to clarify my childbirth education curriculum. I wanted to better incorporate my learnings from these top education experts, combined with drawing from my personal birthing and postpartum experience, along with my 20+ years practicing yoga and meditation.

This led me to develop a series of online classes fusing hypnosis and mindfulness, which cover childbirth education and preparation, fear release for labor and birth, and postpartum recovery.

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