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Labor Doula package

As your doula I am on call from the moment you hire me and will provide 24hr email/phone support. My goal is to meet you on your journey and suport you in a non judgmental way. My wish is that you have a positive and empowering birth experience and that you feel suported stepping into parenthood!

My Doula package includes:

  • Access to my online class Confident Birth with Hypnosis and Mindfulness (6 classes) or access to the Baby Wagon 3 months Membership depending on timing.

  • An in-person Spinning Babies class and a review of the techniques with your birth partner

  • A hypnosis fear release session via Zoom

  • Attendance at the birth

  • 1-2 in-person postpartum visits depending on need

    I also offer my doula services virtually!

  • NYC Doula Maeva

    Hire a Doula

    If I am not available for your due date I can recommend other doulas.

    Over the years I have developed a network of trusted doulas. They are all highly experienced and have worked in NYC hospitals extensively. Their fees start at $2200 and up.

    To be put in touch or for more info, please fill the form below.

    Looking for a doula?

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