Client Testimonials

“Preparing with Maeva gave me and my partner the information and confidence we needed. Not a tiny bit of fear crossed my mind, and even though I was in pain, I felt joy after every contraction, I knew she was coming closer to me.”

Caleb Cruz
Barbara Di Creddo
Model and Mum of 2

"Thanks to my work with Maeva I was able to relax and trust my body throughout the process and finally meet my baby boy! I felt incredibly proud of my body and so empowered after giving birth. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to overcome fear or just have a more positive birth experience.”

Nathaniel Garner
Lindsay Ellingson
Model, Mum of 2 and
Founder of Wander Beauty

"I was terrified and super scared of birth given all the stories I've read, movies I've watched. And I was also very fearful of the idea of epidural. I felt a lot less scared after taking the class and I was very happy to report that I managed to give birth to my son without epidural! I am so grateful for what I learned in this class!"

Nathaniel Garner
Siqi Mou
Mum of 2 and
Founder of Hello Ava Beauty

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