Spinning Babies

Proactive preparation for a vaginal birth!

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What you learn in a Spinning Babies® class?

Topics covered:

  • Basic anatomy of the pelvis and how it affects birth
  • Uterine and pelvic ligaments and how they impact labor
  • Daily Essential activities to prepare your body for labor
  • Belly Mapping: To discover your baby's position and increase baby-parent bonding
  • The Three Sisters of Balance: Tools to use during pregnancy and labor
  • Positions and comfort measures to use during labor
  • Abnormal Labor patterns and what they mean

What you get:

  • A 15-minute Zoom introduction
  • Online Parent Class video streaming/download from the Spinning Babies® Website
  • Digital Spinning Babies® Parent Class Materials: a Companion eBook, Daily Pregnancy Activity Guide and Labor Guide
  • A private 1 hr follow up to clarify concepts as well as go over the techniques.
  • Access to the Spinning Babies® Online Parent Portal.
  • Ongoing support available.
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