Migraine in pregnancy

Bodywork helps with pregnancy migraines.

While doing some research on migraines with aura, I came across a forum where someone mentioned seeing a chiropractor and or craniosacral bodyworker to help ease the symptoms.

I am very fortunate that ever since I moved to NYC, I somehow have crossed paths with the best bodyworkers in their discipline.

Years ago, I realized during my meditations that my body was trying to release some built up tension: it would manifest as subtle trembling and would sometimes become very frustrating. Some research led me to read about 'Unwinding' and I realized that my body was basically doing this on its own. You can read more about it here

I decided to search for a bodyworker who could help facilitate this process. That is when I found Erin Oglesby. My sessions with her helped release a lot of pent up energy and allowed me to feel more open physically and emotionally.

Fast forward to pregnancy and these ocular migraines, I knew my neck was holding a lot of tension and that my cervical spine seemed to get out of alignment very easily with the relaxin.

I did one session with Erin before leaving for France and it greatly diminished the symptoms of the ocular migraines. I felt the release during the session and such peace. She has magic hands truly. I recommend everyone to treat yourself to a session with her just because!

Arriving in France after a long flight, I had a few more migraines with auras (never to the point of not being able to talk again but with some tingling and numbness) so I decided to find someone here. I did one session with an osteopath. Osteopathy uses a varied range of techniques such a cranio-sacral therapy and chiropractic adjustments.

I went in and by just looking at me walk, the practitioner was able to see the problems in my neck and many other misalignments in my body. He explained that some nerves get pinched and apply pressure which in turn can create all these symptoms.

He adjusted my neck gently but it definitely cracked, my rib cage (Peanut has been kicking me under my right ribcage causing a lot of muscular tension in my back), adjusted my pelvis, wrists, pubic symphysis, with massage, subtle movements and sometimes my body would respond with cracking. He even showed my husband a few techniques to help release my sacrum and pubic symphysis.

I expected to be really sore the next day but nothing. I felt like new! I slept like a baby, got over jet lag and just felt amazing. When I asked him if I should come back for another session before the birth, he said no! You are good until you give birth but come back after. Such a difference from some practitioners in the States who have you come every week...

I have always believed that with help, the body can rebalance itself and that yes maintenance is good but that if you have no discomfort you might not need weekly appointments.

Since these sessions, I have had one instance of seeing an aura but it did not evolve into a full blown migraine. I know it can also be related to hormones and that things change at the end of pregnancy in that aspect but I feel very lucky!